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IETA is the professional body and modality regulator for the Equine Touch. The Association provides valuable support for students and practitioners throughout the UK and Ireland and is responsible for all sorts of administrative tasks, encouraging student membership, organising and recording ongoing professional development and support, and where necessary, policing and investigating complaints against its members. Set up in 2004—it is run ‘by the members for the members’.

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**** IETA UK and Ireland are proud to announce that the 12th IETA UK and Ireland Annual Conference will this year be at Wood Green, The Animals Charity, Godmanchester Cambridgeshire - Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th June ****

'ZERO to HERO - Celebrating 20 Years of Equine Touch and beyond'

This conference is not only for students and Practitioners of Equine Touch, Canine Touch and VHT but it is also for anyone interested in horses, dogs and yes, humans!

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Booking form can be found here

Equine Touch Foundation clothing for ET CT & VHT Students and Practitioners can be purchased

Course dates for 2017 have now been updated and can be found HERE