Our New 'on-line' Clothing Range
Catering for students and Practitioners of all three modalities - Heather McReynolds in close collaboration with ETF, has released details of our new clothing range with new-style logos. Whilst the shop runs from the Equine Touch Ireland Site this is the Official outlet an all clothing will bear the standard Equine Touch Foundation trademarked logos.
If you have any queries about the clothing please contact
Heather McReynolds

**** Equine Touch featured in March's edition of YOUR HORSE magazine, preview here ****

Annual Membership Renewal Special
Annual Membership fees remain unchanged for another year.
A renewal form can be accessed
here, and do pass it to friends who may wish to join IETA as well.

Our IETA Admin Coordinator is - Liz Coates - please make sure she has your correct email address and contact details otherwise you could be missing out on important updates and information.

IETA Membership
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